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What is the Jaguar Activity Key?

Checking out the best Jaguar models in Glen Cove, NY just got a lot more exciting. With the Jaguar Activity Key, drivers have more control than ever without having to be hands-on. Available on the Jaguar E-PACE, F-PACE, and I-PACE, the Activity Key is a lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof wristband that can lock and unlock your Jaguar vehicle. Say goodbye to fumbling for key fobs or scouring your pockets and purse for the key fob; as long as you are wearing your Activity Key wristband, you can have more freedom than ever.

Speaking of freedom, the Jaguar Activity Key also lets you leave the Smart Key in your Jaguar SUV while you go mountain biking, hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing. Any activities that you love to partake are possible without worrying about where your key fob will be and whether you'll lose it someplace inconvenient. The Activity Key is an optional feature on the Jaguar E-PACE, F-PACE, and I-PACE.

Pairing Instructions for the Jaguar Activity Key

If you've opted for the Jaguar Activity Key, you'll want to know how to activate it in your new Jaguar in Glen Cove, NY. The process of pairing your Jaguar Activity Key to your vehicle is easy, and you can do it just about anywhere.

How to Activate

  • Begin by turning off your vehicle's engine and keep the key fob inside the cabin.
  • Exit your vehicle with your Activity Key and close all your doors. The Activity Key antennae will activate for about 30 seconds.
  • Hold your Activity Key up to a designated area, typically on the tailgate, and your vehicle will lock. Your hazard lights will flash to let you know that it's been locked.

How to Deactivate

  • When you return to your vehicle, press your tailgate release to activate the Activity Key antennae.
  • Hold your Activity Key up to the designated spot on the tailgate and your Jaguar SUV will unlock.
  • The hazard lights will flash to alert you that your vehicle is unlocked and your key fob inside the cabin is reactivated.

It's that easy to connect the Activity Key to your Jaguar vehicle in Glen Cove, NY, and our team is always ready to walk you through it if there are any complications. To lock and unlock your vehicle with the Jaguar Activity Key, you'll only have to raise your wrist to the tailgate, and your hazard lights will flash to let you know that the locking or unlocking of your vehicle was a success.

Ready to Learn More About the Activity Key & Eligible Vehicles? Visit Jaguar Glen Cove Today!

With the amazing freedom that the Jaguar Activity Key affords Glen Cove, NY drivers, it's sure to make these models drive off the lot faster. When you discover how easy it is to use the Jaguar Activity Key, you may wonder how you managed to live without it. Even if you're not an outdoorsy, active driver, you can reap the benefits from this device simply by limiting the amount of stress you'll have when it comes time to leave the house. Say farewell to those days of searching for your key fob; when your Jaguar E-PACE or I-PACE is unlocked with your wristband, it's easier to keep track and avoid losing a part that is costly to replace.

We look forward to assisting you in activating this feature on your vehicle. You can contact us if you're uncertain as to whether or not your vehicle is compatible with the Jaguar Activity Key. Do you have any questions for us? We're here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out to us with your concerns.


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