Keep Your Jaguar's Battery Running Strong, at Jaguar Glen Cove

Having problems starting your Jaguar? You could have a dying battery underneath the hood, depending on the age of the vehicle. If your Jaguar is struggling to start, we recommend you bring your car or SUV into Jaguar Glen Cove so our highly-trained service technicians can test your battery and replace it if needed. Our service department is located on-site at our dealership on Cedar Swamp Rd in Glen Cove, NY.

Treat Your Battery Right With Proper Maintenance

Your battery will naturally weaken over time. If you want a battery that lasts longer you should practice good maintenance to keep your battery healthy. Here are a few tips to help you keep the battery in your Jaguar strong:

  • Unplug the negative terminal if you park your car for extended periods (longer than 1 month)
  • Ensure all dome lights and headlights are turned off before you leave the car
  • Keep battery terminals free of corrosion and tightly fastened

Symptoms of a Failed Battery

Just because your car doesn't start doesn't necessarily mean the battery needs to be replaced; it might not even be the battery. Bring your vehicle to our Glen Cove, NY Jaguar dealership to get the right advice concerning the maintenance of your luxury car from the experts. Our service advisors are upfront and honest with what is going on with your Jaguar every time and they each enjoy extensive training in this particular luxury brand.

Battery Service & Replacement at Jaguar Glen Cove

Here at our dealership service center in Glen Cove, NY, we make it a priority to keep your Jaguar running in top condition. If you are having battery problems we can diagnose the problem quickly and replace your battery when needed. If you need a replacement battery we can replace it with a genuine OEM Jaguar replacement battery. Schedule an appointment today!

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