Love that world class performance and iconic style that are signature to Jaguar craftsmanship, but craving something with the efficiency and power of an electric or hybrid engine? At Jaguar Glen Cove, we have good news for you then. As always, Jaguar is at the front of emerging technologies and engineering, and their planned lineup of future models has something electric that you're sure to love. They're calling this new lineup "Reimagine," and it's an incredible way to imagine your future Long Island commutes.

Jaguar electric engineering takes form in three distinct types of engines. First is the traditional hybrid powertrain, which can help you get more miles per fill up than a typical gas-powered engine and helps reduce your vehicle's overall emissions.

The second choice is the groundbreaking plug-in hybrid system. Offering a rechargeable battery for drivers in the Oyster Bay and Port Washington area, these cutting-edge types of hybrid engine allow you to travel distances using just electric power alone, before converting to traditional hybrid functionality.

Finally, there's the pulse-quickening and exciting performance of the electric-only vehicle. A plug-in engine that can travel several hundred miles before needing a recharge, this type of engine delivers exhilarating acceleration and a smooth ride you won't find just anywhere else.

Ready to learn more and begin reimagining your daily drives? You can start with our current lineup, which includes the Jaguar I-PACE hatchback, our first-ever Jaguar EV that delivers 395 horsepower, standard all-wheel drive, and a 234-mile EV driving range.

Or, you can contact us for more information on the highly anticipated arrival of other Jaguar electric and hybrid models. Jaguar expects to have their lineup fully electric by 2025, which means new and exciting options will be arriving regularly over the next several years.

Let our team tell you more about the current status and future of Jaguar EV engineering and let us help you score the benefits of driving an efficiency-minded vehicle, including the rewarding New York "Drive Clean Rebate," which can be worth up to $2,000 for drivers who jump on the EV train.

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