With the impeccable engineering signature to the Jaguar brand name, and our professional guarantee of quality, the retired courtesy vehicles that are available here at Jaguar Glen Cove are not to be missed. If you're dreaming about slipping behind the wheel of an elegant and sophisticated Jaguar of your own, but you want to make sure you're getting a great deal at the same time, allow our team to introduce you to our incredible courtesy vehicle program.

There are a variety of ways we put new Jaguar models into service as courtesy vehicles at our Glen Cove, NY dealership. These include service loaners that are lent to our customers whose personal vehicles are in for maintenance, demo vehicles that are used for test drives around town, and as company cars. Once they're retired from this service, we're able to place them up for sale, in a great opportunity for you to shop and save on a terrific Jaguar vehicle of your own.

This unique program benefits you, our customers, in a variety of ways. To help you understand what makes these vehicles special, we've highlighted three of our top favorite reasons to buy a courtesy model here:

  1. Special offers. As a vehicle with a limited number of miles on its odometer already, we're able to pass some savings and great deals onto our customers with this program.
  2. Like-new condition. Previously driven, yes. But only previously owned by us. This means you can trust that these are vehicles that are in tiptop shape, with pristine ownership histories.
  3. Up-to-date service records. As a vehicle that's been under our care and ownership, you can trust that each courtesy vehicle has been meticulously maintained and serviced following manufacturer guidelines, by our trained and certified Jaguar technicians.

Learn more about the courtesy vehicle program and get help shopping for your next Jaguar. Our team is ready with answers to all your questions and to set you up for a test drive soon.