While we all know the dangers of using our phones while driving, the temptation for some is too much to deal with. Despite knowing the risks, both legal and otherwise, drivers will still pick up their phones to swap a playlist, respond to a text, or make a phone call all while behind the wheel. Apple CarPlay was designed to mitigate those instances, and now the new Jaguar I-PACE supports this excellent feature, along with a handful of other new Jaguar models coming to Jaguar Glen Cove this year.

How Does Apple CarPlay Work?

Simply put, Apple CarPlay is a unique interface that links your smartphone to the infotainment display in your Jaguar. It goes beyond simple Bluetooth connectivity to give you seamless access to your favorite apps and features while you drive.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the interface looks much like that if your iPhone. This was done by design, so you can easily find the icon you need based on what you’re already familiar with. This makes it easy to get to you phone calls and messages without spending time searching for the right icon.

Better yet, you’ll even enjoy third-party app support from Spotify, WhatsApp, Pandora, and many more! So even if your entire music library is wrapped up in Spotify rather than Apple Music, you’ll enjoy complete access on your Jaguar’s infotainment screen.

Voice support is truly the party piece of this system, as Siri support allows you to do everything without lifting a finger. Skip tracks and answer phone calls with simple commands. You can even dictate text messages to keep those conversations going without looking away from the road ahead.

About the New Jaguar I-PACE

As Jaguar’s first entry into the EV market, the Jaguar I-PACE represents a true step forward for the legendary automaker. With 234 miles of range and an electric motor that makes 394 horsepower and sends it through an all-wheel drive system, this electric SUV truly covers all of your needs without spending a drop of fuel.

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The 2020 Jaguar I-PACE is one of a few new Jaguar models that now offer Apple CarPlay support. Pay us a visit to take your favorite for a test drive and get to know this revolutionary hands-free system today!

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